Famous Interiors

In Famous Interiors , Vandertol uses inspiring international interior - photos of eight celebrities as a starting point. The reader peeps into Easy Rider Dennis Hopper's steel barn in Los Angeles, is invited into the home of the founders of the Missoni fashion house, known for their outstanding blend of colourful creations and modern art, discovers the interior of the Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace in the famous Park Plaza, and many more. He then gives numerous styling tips and tricks and shows the reader how to recreate the same luxurious and stylish look within his own home. The reader looks over the shoulder of a renowned interior designer, as van der Tol explains the reader step by step how to create a stylish, modern home. What colours do you use? What do you look for when shopping? How do you blend different styles and materials? How do you create that look of luxury?This book tells all.